Al’s Liner Accessories

Al’s Liner offers a growing line of accessories to maximize the quality of your DIY Truck Bed Liner Kit application. Whether you’re prepping a job, laying a custom sound deadening coat of Al’s Liner inside your cab, or looking for an easy cleanup after you’re done, Al’s Liner has you covered. We thrive on feedback, so be sure to let us know your thoughts and suggestions by contacting us here. Check back regularly to see new additions to the Al’s Liner family of accessories.

Al’s Liner Roller/Brush Kit


With so many of our customers developing unique applications for Al’s Liner kits, we have developed a roller and brush kit specially designed for Al’s Liner applications to give you even more flexibility when applying your kit. Great for tight areas, interior sound deadening, custom visual applications and much more, the Al’s Liner Roller/Brush Kit includes one three inch brush, two four inch rollers and arm and one paint tray. With the shed resistant woven rollers, you can apply up to a 15mil or 1/64th of inch coating in a single pass. We recommend two coats for maximum durability. When you need the versatility to do a job your way, Al’s Liner has you covered.


Normal application with the Roller/Brush kit provides a standard orange peel texture commonly seen in roll-on bed liners. The Al’s Liner Roller/Brush Kit can also be used with Al’s Rubber Crumb.

Product Highlights

  • 1-3″ Brush
  • 2-4″ Shed Resistant Roller Pads and Application Arm
  • 1 Paint Tray
  • Apply at any thickness, just requires multiple coats.